Stress refers to a feeling of strain or pressure. Stress affects us all and more so in the corporate world. The corporate world is a new syndrome that man has coined for himself which brings with it a whole new lifestyle and existence. Odd working hours, irregular food habits and difficult work situations and inadequate coping resources are a part of the corporate world. In spite of the good money it pays when stress leads to distress a corporate worker has a hoard of physical symptoms like acidity, migraines, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, depression. If all clubbed together can be rephrased as the results of stress disorder. 


A high 46% of the workforce in organisations in India suffers from some or the other form of stress, according to the latest data from Optum, a top provider of employee assistance programmes to corporates. It is a vicious cycle. A person these days try to release stress by going to parties, where there will be drinking and heavy eating, which in turn takes a toll on health. “Stress is rising because we experience continuous low-level stress. Unpredictability creates stress because we no longer have control. Stress can and does kill. The body has a no tolerance zone, which if entered into will manifest physical ailments or death. Studies have shown that more heart attacks occur on Monday morning than any other time of the week. The common factor here is that people are going back to work after a weekend off. What a shocking realization, that people are not dying to go to work but are dying because they are going to work. Though several progressive companies provide annual health risk assessment check-ups for employees and have facilities such as gym and fitness centres in office premises, many people at the top level do not even have the time to avail of these 


Many organisations run wellness programs but focus on running an end-to-end wellness initiative is rare, not because employers do not want to spend on employees wellbeing, but because there is lack of scientific reasoning when it comes to deployment of wellness campaigns. 
We have a responsibility to act with due regard for self, and then cultivate an atmosphere of due regard for all. Even within the most brutal corporate environment we can endeavour to make a private internal relationship with ourselves and make an impression on what we believe to be unimpressionable. One can only carry on without due regard until a limit is reached, and I urge the visionaries, the leaders, the powerhouses of our industry to step back and care and consider their daily experience, before their brain and body does it for them. Turning a blind eye to early warning signs will subtly weaken their celebrated resilience and will form a template that will ensure a dramatic breakage in mental and physical health. Cultivating an internal dialogue of kindness is the antidote to corporate stress and breakdown. Though this may seem trivial, its beauty is in its simplicity.

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