The Corporate Law Journal aims to focus on contemporaneous legal issues related to the corporate world and its environment. The area may include but is not limited to Corporate Law, Corporate  Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Consumer Products and Retail, Dispute Resolution, Communications Telecom &Broadcasting, Competition Law, Mergers & Acquisition, Taxation etc, receiving contributions from practitioners, legal academician, professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The tentative theme for Issues shall focus on “CORPORATE LAW & ITS ENVIRONMENT”. The submissions must aim to examine the existing legal framework and further provide a cogent analysis of the same.

All submissions throughout said parameters are welcome. The ambit of the Journal is broad and not restricted to any particular title and includes all contemporary issues in the corporate field, both national and international. 

Note: Corporate Law Journal accepts rolling submissions for its forthcoming issues as per the submission and publication guidelines.

The author can submit their work to Corporate Law Journal at: