The Thought Behind……………………

Albert Einstein once said:

“Try Not to Become a Man of Success but rather try to become a man of value”.

I believe that values are not inbuilt rather they are created. The origin of Corporate Law Journal is with this small question that why the word ‘Corporate’ is symbolic of ‘Money Minded Mentality’. Producing next generation as value-based professionals and with this Vision Corporate Law journal strives to be recognized globally as a pioneer in the Corporate Community.

Many times faulty environment around us become hindrances to truly fulfill our duties and obligations towards a Society which provides the existence of the corporate community. The journal also seeks to bridge the gap between the Corporate Sector and Society by creating true application of corporate governance and responsibility. This is a new kind of initiative in corporate arena which emphasizes the significance of professional ethics, moral values, social responsibility and good governance principles.

By involving a large research community in an innovative open peer review process, the journal aims to suggest policymakers and to provide fast access to top- quality articles/papers, research notes, and comments, current developments, Judgments and Advisory Opinions for and by professionals, educators, researchers and academicians in the specialized sector of the Corporate Sea.

With this spirit and ambition, we ensure that journal would be very helpful to establish a link between Corporate Sector and Society. The young minds striving towards the corporate world and their coming together To Explore Corporate Literacy will serve the purpose. We, the whole team of Corporate Law Journal hope great positive impact of our initiative.