1. Word Limit of abstract: 300-words (maximum).

2. Word Limit of submission:


a. Article: 3000-5000 words (Inclusive of footnotes).

b. Case Comment/ Short Notes: 2000-3000 words (Inclusive of footnotes).

c. Book Review: 1000-1500 words (Inclusive of footnotes)


* Word limit for each blog post should be 1200-1500 words (Inclusive of footnotes).

3. Mode of Citation to be followed: Bluebook Mode of Citation (19th edition). 

4. Heading: Font size 14, Bold

5. Main Content: Font size 12

6. Font face: Times New Roman

7. Line Spacing: 1.5 without any indentation

8. Margin: Left and Right: 1.25” Top and Bottom: 1”

9. Footnote font size: 10

10. Footnote Line Spacing: 1.0.

11. Alignment: Justified

12. Pages of submission should not to be numbered.

13. Submissions should be accompanied by an undertaking that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted anywhere else.

14. Articles to be published in a different forum within one year of submission will not be considered.

15. Plagiarism of any form shall result in disqualification.

All the participants are required to adhere to the aforementioned regulations.